Knoll Trail Monument Signs For Cawley Partners

Monument Signs For Cawley Partners


monument signs

Wingfield Sign & Graphics has recently completed yet another project for developer Cawley Partners in the Dallas/Addison area. This time Wingfield Sign & Graphics was commissioned to design and build two internally illuminated monument signs – one facing the Dallas tollway and the other facing Knoll Trail Road. The building currently houses Cawley Partner’s headquarters.

For this project, Wingfield Sign & Graphics had to take into consideration the design of the building. The building (completed early in 2015) had bricks and cast concrete incorporated into its design so Wingfield Sign & Graphics used similar types of material for the construction of the monuments. The copy area of the monument consisted of cut out aluminum panels with “push-through” acrylic letters that were back lit by LEDs. These acrylic letters used perforated black vinyl that appear black during the day and shine bright white after dark. The result was visually very pleasing since the monuments did not interfere with the ground surroundings and served the purpose of clearly identifying the current building tenants.

Wingfield Sign & Graphics has been helping Cawley Partners with their multitude of signage needs for several years now. Wingfield Sign & Graphics has been serving the Dallas / Fort Worth area for over 12 years now and some of its customers include numerous small business to large corporations and institutions such as NBC, Time Warner Cable, University of Texas, Texas Workforce Commission, and several others.

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