Channel Letters Dallas

You know what they say, Location, Location, Location. Now that you’ve got that great location you’re going to want a great sign too.

Wingfield’s experienced team of professionals can help you turn your vision and concepts into a beautiful Storefront sign for your business.

Some of the types of signs included in this category are Channel Letter Signs, Reverse Channel Letter Signs, Cloud Signs and Channel-can Signs. These are also known as 3D Letter Signs, Illuminated Letter Signs, Dimensional Letter Signs, Contour Channel Signs, Channel Letters, Channel Letters and Lighted Letter Signs. Whether you want your sign lighted internally with neon or LEDs, we can help design whatever you desire and provide a timely and cost effective sign to make your business stand out from your competitors.

Three of the most popular types of channel letter signs are standard channel lettersexposed neon channel letter and reverse lit channel letters. Standard channel letters are a type of channel letter signage created from sheet metal or aluminum and fitted with lighting or painted. Exposed neon channel letters are similar to standard channel letters – except that the neon is not covered by a plastic face. A reverse lit channel letter is backlit, creating a halo effect.

Whether you are a new Dallas business owner trying to bring more traffic and visibility to your store or a established company trying to reinforce your brand, Wingfield can assist you with your exterior business sign or channel letters Dallas.

Channel letters Dallas are one of the most common signs you see in a commercial strip or industrial area. They are fabricated metal letters (commonly aluminum) where the sides of the letters are folded to give the letters their depth. When seen from the back, these letters look like a chain of channels – hence the name.

Channel letters Dallas can be illuminated or non-illuminated and the illumination can come from either the front or the back of the letters (known as simply back lit or “halo” letters”). The front lit letters normally use acrylic faces and the back lit letters are all made of metal. Here are some samples of front lit channel letters:

Back lit channel letters have normally an aluminum face and, therefore, the light units (LED or neon) are placed behind the letters so the light will shine and reflect on the wall creating a “halo” effect.

Selecting between a front or back lit set will depend on personal (or landlord) preferences, budget (back lit signs cost a little more) or even the surroundings (sometimes the finish on the wall won’t allow for a back lit sign since it might reflect the light enough to cause an decent impact).