Storefront Signs

Storefronts signs are probably the single most important sign for a retail business. Besides filling the purpose of identifying your business, it is also the best tool you will have to generate foot traffic. That is why planning for a good and visible storefront sign should come as a priority when starting up a new business. It is not by accident that MacDonald’s will erect a sign (i.e., pole sign) even before the store is built. They know that generating awareness (read business) starts even before the store is open.

Wingfield Sign & Graphics can help you design your storefront sign. There are several types of storefront signs but the most common ones are the building  signs (attached signs or channel letters) or the detached types of signs (pole sign, pylon sign, and monument sign). Building signs are commonly known in the industry as channel letter signs and they are normally back lit (illuminated) and need to meet the criteria stated in the City’s sign code. Wingfield Sign & Graphics can help with the several steps needed to get a channel letter sign on your storefront. These steps are:

– Initial Survey – obtaining storefront measurements and pictures

– Designing a logo / sign

– Obtaining the sign permit with the City

– Producing and installing the sign

– Schedule City inspections