Banners are probably the most common type of signage around. This is largely due to their affordability and effectiveness.  Banners can have several purposes: to generate interest in special sales, events, charities, your school, real estate, or other business. At Wingfield Sign & Graphics, we can create a design for your banner and produce it in no time. If you have the design for your banner ready for print, we can produce it for you in about 24 hours. Below are a few facts about banners:

  • They are normally made out of vinyl material and can be printed on or have stickers applied to them
  • They can be in full color or single color
  • They are suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • They are affordable
  • They can be sized according to the space available (wall size, etc)
  • They can be reused (taken down and re-installed again)
  • They serve several purposes from advertising a grand opening to announcing an important life event

We can also provide you retractable banners that are used at trade shows or in common areas (lobby, reception desks, etc). This type of banner is attached to a base and can be rolled in and out for easy transportation or storage. Pole banners are another type of banner we can offer. These pole banners are attached to light poles with a special hardware and are typically used to advertise a new event or celebration.