Monument Signs Dallas

Monuments signs Dallas are the typical type of signs placed along the road in a shopping strip or business location. Due to stricter city restrictions, pole or pylon signs sometimes can only be used in business areas located along major freeways. You will need to check with your city’s sign inspector whether a pole or pylon sign is allowed at your location. When poles or pylon signs are not allowed, the natural choice is to do a monument sign.

Monument signs Dallas can take several shapes and forms. The most common one is a monument sign made out of masonry work – bricks, stones, cinder blocks, etc. Below are a few examples of these monuments:

Most cities also allow monuments to be built with metal or urethane. Below are some examples of monument signs made of aluminum:

Below are some monuments made of high-density urethane:

Monuments can also be internally or externally illuminated. Your choice between one or the other will depend on how much traffic you would want to drive into your business at night. For all types of monument and pole signs, Wingfield has the right solution for you. Please call us for a free consultation at 817-628-1002.